New relaxing Tatami space on the riverside of Asakusa


New relaxing Tatami space on the riverside of Asakusa

Recently, there are more and more foreign tourists visiting Japan.
Not only the capital Tokyo but also large cities like Osaka, Kyoto and other local towns are popular among them.

Among foreign tourist, Tatami space is especially popular.
Ryokan, Izakaya, traditional Japanese houses etc…..

There are more and more foreigners who wish to
“stay in Tatami room in Japan”.

Asakusa in Tokyo is also a popular spot among foreigners.
Sensoji, Kabuki, retro amusement park, Rikisha, souvenir, eating around….though there are a lot of places to see, beautiful scenery with town of Tokyo and Sumida river is also its allure.

From late September to early October in 2016, there was an event called
in which you can enjoy
“Tokyo, the town of water”
in riverside of Asakusa.

They put terrace space with Tatami in areas where you can enjoy the riverside scenery.
It was a space where you can lay down or sit on Tatami and relax freely.

Tatami space along Sumida river is a perfect space for foreign visitors to enjoy Tokyo while relaxing.

If you get a chance to visit Japan, I recommend you to research relaxing Tatami space in advance.