New wallet with Tatami material


New wallet with Tatami material

Japanese people have long been living with Tatami but these days, with Europeanization of life style,
there are less chances to get in tough with Tatami in general housing.

As a result, the amount of Tatami production/shipping by manufacturer are reducing.

However, there are Tatami manufacturer who come up with new Tatami product in order to
“make people realize the goodness of Tatami by giving more chance to get in touch with Tatami”.

New product by traditional Tatami shop in Nara is a wallet using Tatami-omote, woven natural Igusa.
The outside of wallet is Tatami.

This product was born from the wish to
“leave Tatami culture to the next generation by increasing chance to get in touch with Tatami in daily lives.

Tatami is used as flooring but being free from
“laying on the floor”, they pursued familiar product and ended up in form of wallet.

It’s a smooth, comfortable touch unique to natural Igusa.
You can also enjoy fresh green smell of the glass. Natural Igusa has anti-bacterial, deodorant property.

Recently, there is Tatami made with resin-coated Japanese paper and not Igusa.
Its advantage is that it has high anti-fungus, anti-mites and anti-stain properties.

If you get a chance to come to Japan, why don’t you look for goods with Tatami material for souvenirs.

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