Limited train with Tatami flooring


Limited train with Tatami flooring

“Tatami space makes me relax”
…. Many Japanese say it when they relax in Tatami room.
Japanese has been familiarized with Tatami since their childhood.
Modern Japanese people still have strong attachment to Tatami.

Recently, Tatami room is also popular among foreign tourists.
There are many foreign tourists who wish
“to stay in Tatami room in Japan”.

There is a new limited Tatami-floored train
“Tango Akamatsu Go”
in which you can relax on Tatami space while traveling.

This is the line of
“Kyoto-Tango Railway”
in north Kyoto and limited in October and November 2016.

They lay Tatami and put table in cabin.
You can enjoy fruits, alcohol, seafood of the north Kyoto while relaxing on Tatami.
You need to reserve this special Tatami train and it’s normal train ticket + 310 JPY.

This autumn, if you are going to Kyoto, why don’t you try this
“Tatami train”?