Samurai Museum Feel the “soul of Samurai” closely on Tatami


Samurai Museum Feel the  "soul of Samurai" closely on Tatami

At the end of Heian period.
Japanese history led by the Emperor and nobles ended.

The new main role of history was

From then, Samurai’s era have continued for about 700 years.

“Samurai Museum”
which opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo, in September of the last year is gaining attention as a facility to feel and experience Samurai virtue and spirit.

Zestful outlook like a Japanese house
“Japanese beauty”
of the entrance with body armor.
Real martial material such as Kabuto, Yoroi and sword under fantastical lighting.

And the particularity is that you enjoy these exhibition on Tatami with your shoes off.

The second floor is separated into 5 Tatami rooms by theme and there is a space where you can actually wear Yoroi and Kabuto and take picture.
Zestful museum with Japanese atmosphere and Samurai spirit on Tatami.

There are explanation in English, Chinese and Korean for the “Life” of Samurai.

Imagine Samurai period while feeling Tatami under your feet. If you come to Japan, please visit!