Castle town Matsusaka Castle guard residence with Tatami


Castle town Matsusaka Castle guard residence with Tatami

Matsusaka, Mie.
It flourished as castle town of Matsusaka Castle.

Matsusaka Castle was built in 1588 and now there remains only rock wall but its view looking down the whole town is splendid.
Also seasonal flowers such as cherry blossom and Fuji is very beautiful.

is the symbol of castle town Matsusaka.

It’s a group of 19 Samurai residences where Samurai and his family guarding Matsusaka Castle lived at the end of Edo period.
What is surprising is that it’s still used as a residence.
There is people still living in here who is the descendant of Samurai who used to live here.

One of the residence is open to public with Tatami and Tokonoma as it was at that time and you can look around with your shoes off.
There is a drawer of early Meiji period in the corner of the Japanese room and trees and garden spreading beyond Tatami, opened Fusuma and Shoji makes us feel calm.

People who lived here to guard the castle and the town of Matsusaka.
After several hundred years, their spirit are still alive.