Watching signs of history from Tatami “Great people” and Hagi castle town


Watching signs of history from Tatami  "Great people" and Hagi castle town

Have you ever heard the name of
Shinsaku Takasugi
Shoin Yoshida
Hirobumi Ito
Takayoshi Kido…. ?

They all played an active role from the end of Edo period to Meiji period
and were all born in Hagi-shi in the north part of Yamaguchi prefecture, next too Japan sea.

In Hagi, you can find a number of historical monument that show their paths.
Houses they were born in, school where they learned at.

On Tatami room in old Japanese house lies various items familiar to them showing the signs of hisotry of them heading to Edo with strong ambition.

Samurai residence close to the castle is also worth seeing.
It’s a huge building larger than 50m and is divided into 5parts.

The East room is especially luxurious.
Since there is Tatami floored corridor, it is said to be used by highly ranked person.

Though you can’t get inside the residence, you can watch it from the outside and feel the hisotry of Hagi closely.

The home of
“great people”
who were so resolved.
How about feeling the time of Hagi while imagining the period Edo?