Let’s learn the manners of Tatami room


Let's learn the manners of Tatami room

Recently, there are more and more foreigners visiting Japan for sightseeing.
They visit Japanese famous sightseeing spots, buy Japanese products, enjoy Japanese food and also wish to sty in Tatami room.

Tatami is a culture unique to Japan.
There are detailed manner for Tatami room.

This time, I’ll explain the manners of Japanese room.

First of all, the righteous manners when getting into the house with Tatami.
You put off your shoes in the entrance, also jacket or globe if you have and take it in your hand.

After greeting, you get on the
in the entrance while facing front.
“Shikidai” is a stage in entrance that lies between space you can walk with shoes and space you walk without shoes.

Once you’re on “Shikidai”, kneel down and put your shoes in pair.
While doing it, be careful not to face your butt to others.Facing your butt to others is out of manner.

Now put your shoes on the edge.
It’s a caring for others so that it won’t bother others going down or up Shikidai.

When you are finally guided to the Tatami room, you have to walk over
“Shikii” is a long wood lying between the rooms.

In Tatami room, try not to walk on the edge of Tatami. Walking on “Shikii” or “Edge of Tatami” is out of manner.
This is because “Shikii” and “edge of Tatami” has meaning to differ master and guest so stepping on them is out of manner.
Also there are saying that since “edge of Tatami” was different by social class in old days, it’s out of manner to step on.

In Samurai era, it was said that it was because they were afraid that Ninja put sword from “Shikii” or “edge of Tatami” in order to assassinate man in power.

Tatami room has such a detailed manners and rules.
Even among Japanese people, there are those who don’t know such manners.

Why don’t you learn it before coming to Japan and surprise your Japanese host?