Artist that made Tatami into canvas


Artist that made Tatami into canvas

Japanese people have long been living with “Tatami”.
They spend various times on Tatami.
Meal, welcoming guest, family time, relax, sleep, study, raising children etc.

Recently, Japanese Tatami demand is decreasing due to Europeanization of life style and there are new Tatami goods developed from the wish to
“realize the goodness of Tatami or to hand it down to the next generation”.

Wallet, sandal, cushion with Tatami.

Tatami has broadened its use beyond carpet.
And now, there is an artist who paints on canvas of Tatami.

The artist is Japanese
Mr. “Tatami George”.

He originally was a Tatami shop owner but when he went to his client’s house who happened to be a painter, they became close and he started learning painting from the client.

Later, Mr. “Tatami George” started to act as an artist who draws portrait on Tatami with burn by hot trowel.

Model of portrait are from his friends to celebrities.
He also paints animals.
Unique idea of Tatami craftsman and the unique touch of burn on Tatami which is as big as 1 jo are getting popular.

Mr. Tatami George hosts events where you can have him draw your portrait or exhibition.

If you get a chance, why don’t you go see the actual Tatami paintings?