Exposition of furniture with Tatami material in Paris


Exposition of furniture with Tatami material in Paris

Japanese traditional Tatami uses woven
on its surface.
Its bright green color and fresh smell like herb makes us relax.

However, it has its disadvantage that it is easy to get fungus and mites and it won’t last long.

New material for Tatami which is gaining attention is Japanese paper.
It’s a machine made Japanese paper with resin coating on its surface for reinforcement.
It avoids water and stain and it’s much less prone to fungus and mites.

“Daiken Kogyo”
in Osaka is the leading company of this machine made Japanese paper Tatami.
They are developing not only Tatami or Okidatami but also bench with
‘machine made Japanese paper Tatami”.

This time they co-developed modern design furnitures of genuine Japanese taste with French designer.
Among number of unique Japanese cultures gaining attention all over the world as
“cool Japan”.

Tatami is also one of them.
New material Tatami is going oversea.