Bookstore made by everyone Roku-jo Bookstore in Hokkaido


Bookstore made by everyone Roku-jo Bookstore in Hokkaido

Traditional Japanese housing with Engawa.
Well-selected books on Tatami and Japanese room.
“Roku-jo Bookstore”
in Uragamachi, Hokkaido is literally a bookstore with the space of 6 jo.

This traditional Japanese housing was originally used as multi-propose community space called

In November 2014, with strong wish to have the only one bookstore in Uraga and stop the current situation where
“children grow up in town without bookstore”
Roku-jo Bookstore opened in this space with investment by local people.

Its objective is not getting profit but to
“be there in the town”
so it opens every Monday from 13 to 22 o’clock.

who happens to be the member of the city council says with smile
“all those investors are the bosses and I’m in charge of the shop”.

Picturebooks are displayed in lower position so that we can read while lying on Tatami.
It’s a
bookstore with full-hearted care.

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