A polka dotted tatamiberi


A polka dotted tatamiberi

Both ends of tatami is edged with a cloth.
We can call this

It was strictly stipulated that patterns of tatamiberi could be chose by social positions.

Because it showed social positions and there is a manner
“don’t step a tatamiberi when we visit somebody’s house”
current Japan succeeds to this traditional manner at Japanese room.

Recently we can choose favorite color and pattern for our tatamiberi.
There is a maker that produces new designed tatamiberi to enjoy choosing a tatami.

A polka dotted tatamiberi is one of an example.
Its design is pop, steps out from calmed Japanese room, seems to be loved by young people.

There are other patterns of tatamiberi like Western-style patterns, paisley and arabesque, and characteristic patterns like Hallo kitty.

Why can’t you pay attention to colors and patterns of tatamiberi when you visit a tatami room?

Source of photo: http://www.s-housing.jp/archives/32544