Opening and closing Fusuma


Opening and closing Fusuma

There are doors in European rooms but in Tatami rooms, there are

“Fusuma” is a sliding door with paper or cloth on its surface.
Do you know the correct manners to open or close “Fusuma”?

Actually, for being welcomed into Tatami room, there are various detailed manners.
First, you should not knock “Fusuma” unlike door.

Before you enter Tatami room after opening Fusuma, you sit on your knees and say
“excuse me”.
Remain standing is NG.

And put your hand on the handle of Fusuma while you are still on your knees, and open 5 cm.
You shouldn’t open at once.

This is to observe what’s going on inside the room.
It’s the same meaning as the knock on the door in Europe.

When you get into the room, put off your hand from Fusuma, push Fusuma at about 30cm from the ground until there is a space where your body can pass.

Bow lightly and enter the room.
You shouldn’t open to the end.
It’s for leaving steps for closing Fusuma after you get into the room.

When you close Fusuma, sit on your knees facing Fusuma and grab the edge of Fusuma at about 15cm from the ground and close it to the center.
Use the hand closer to the edge.
Then, change your hand and grab the edge of Fusuma at about 30cm from the ground and close until there is 5cm left.

At last, put your hand on handle and close completely.
As you can see, there are detailed manners in Tatami room to show respect for others.