A pattern weave tatami like a carpet


A pattern weave tatami like a carpet

The Japanese traditional tatami is made by weaving rush stalks and putting on thickrice straw cores.
There are orderly fine meshes by rush on the face.

Recently, however, tatami makers are making various plans for creating the new tatami which is matching more on current homes.

If we use the new material

“machine combed Japanese paper”

which is not a rush, on the face of tatami, various more patterns is able to be showed.

Daiken corporation, which produces machine combed Japanese paper tatami, sells new tatami series called

“ZIPANG Kokochi Waza”.

This series is not like the traditional tatami, but it achieves pattern like a ripple and weaved various colors.
They look like a Western-style carpet.

Because current Japanese people spend more time in Western-style rooms and its interior becomes Western-style like the West, so that we can say the new style tatami fitted on such styles.

There are modern pattern weave tatamis which are fitting on flooring.
Why can’t you pay attention to such style of tatamis if you choose a tatami?

Source of photo: https://www.daiken.jp/zipang/