Origin of Japan denim Jeans that suits Japan/Tatami


Origin of Japan denim Jeans that suits Japan/Tatami

Kojima, Kurashiki-shi in Okayama.
Do you know that there are a lot of foreign visitors visiting this town?

Kojima is the birth place of Japanese Jeans.
It’s a famous town of
“Japanese Denim Brand”
not only within Japan but also all over the world.

There is even a street whose name is
“Kojima Jeans Street”.
It’s a 400m street with Jeans shop which is so exciting!

For Jeans lover.
Japanese house at the end of the street.
Blue sliding door, small Japanese center garden, small Engawa is also zestful.
This is the worldly famous shop of
“Japan Blue Jeans”.

Must see is
It’s a Japanese room with plenty of damaged Jeans on Tatami.
It makes us realize that Jeans is actually an art that suits perfectly to Japanese room and Tatami.

Inside the shop is also in Japanese taste with modern calm atmosphere and you can relax in fitting room with Tatami.

Would you like to travel to Kojima to find your favorite Jeans?

Source of photo: https://setouchifinder.com/ja/detail/10183