Manners of Japanese traditional room The way of greeting


Manners of Japanese traditional room The way of greeting

You might have a chance to visit Japan and the tatami room, one of a Japanese traditional room.
There are various roles to spend your time in the tatami room.

This time, we are going to tell you the way of formal greeting in tatami room.

First of all, you can not stand and greet in the tatami room.
When visitors look down a host, it is against the rules.

When you greet to a host, let you sit on the tatami at first.
When you sit on the tatami, you need to sit on the floor in Japanese style called seiza.

There are Japanese square cushion called zabuton in living room.
But at first, please do not sit on a zabuton.

Let you sit on tatami directly and make a deep bow with seiza.
You need to put your hands on the tatami.

If you are a male, you need to put your hands shoulder-distant.
If you are a female, you need to put your forefingers in front of your knees.

When you finish your greeting on the tatami with seiza, you will be recommended to sit on a zabuton.
Then you can use a zabuton.

If you know formal manners in Japanese traditional room, you will be impressed because
“you know Japanese traditions very well.”