Festival of Igusa, the material of Tatami


Festival of Igusa, the material of Tatami

Tatami is made of “Igusa”.
In Japan, Kumamaoto prefecture in west south of Japan is the main production area of Igusa.
It is said that Kumamoto holds 90% of Japanese Igusa.

Igusa is reaped in summer and its festival is in autumn.
In October, there was a
“Igusa Festival”
in Kumamoto.

This is a festival by local people wishing to
“people to feel Igusa more familiar”
“appeal Igusa’s allure”.

There is a huge
“Igusa palanquin”
of 6 meters of height with gathered Igusa on it.
Local youngsters held palanquin and audience sent large cheer and applause.

Also audience seat was covered with Tatami and there were stage for Shamisen and folklore concert.
There was also tea place where Tatami was set outside.

Kumamoto was crowded with people and fresh smell of Igusa that day.
Recent Tatami uses not only Igusa but also Machine-made Japanese Paper.
If you get a chance to touch real Tatami, please take a look at its material.