Picnic on Tatami


Picnic on Tatami

People often use picnic sheet when having picnic or camping outside.
Recently, new picnic sheet with Tatami material is developed in Japan.

“Tatami picnic sheet”
is developed by Japanese Tatami shop.
Tatami is made of thick rice straw as its core and woven Igusa,
on its surface.

This “Tatami-omote” usually wears out in about 5 to 6 years and needs to be replaced.
After replacement, old Tatami-omote is often thrown away.

Though it was reused as carpet to dry vegetables or cushion in old days, these days, it’s replaced by vinyl sheet so it’s often thrown away.

“Tatami picnic sheet”
was developed from the wish to
“realize the goodness of Tatami”
“want to reuse old Tatami-omote for some new Tatami goods that fits today’s life style”.

It’s a thin woven Igusa with edge with dot or flower that can be used in picnic or camping.
With their test product, they are receiving a lot of offers from potential customers.

It might be the proof that
“Japanese people feel relaxed on Tatami”.

Source of photo: http://ameblo.jp/7tatami/entry-12144754365.html