Event full of Tatami “Tatami World in Tokyo”


Event full of Tatami  “Tatami World in Tokyo”

This autumn, there was an event called
“Tatami World in Tokyo”
in large shopping facility in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
It is said that there is less and less chance for Japanese people to get in touch with Tatami in their lives.
This event was held with wish
“for people to spend relaxing time on Tatami in Tokyo downtown”.

The event place was filled with Tatami.
In the hall of shopping center, there were 36 Tatami laid and visitors sat there and relaxed.
Not only relaxed but also there were Rakugo show, game with Tatami products as prize and charity plan to send Tatami goods to those who contributed.

Also, there were presentation of Kumamoto which is the largest Tatami production area of Japan to transmit the allure of Tatami.

“Tatami maid” with Tatami apron was there, too.
“Tatami rapper”
with Tatami tie were there.

He sang a rap of Tatami’s allure and the visitors were very excited.
It was a PR event of Tatami in place full of Tatami.

The event place was covered with fresh Igusa smell.

Source of photo: http://www.excite.co.jp/News/bit/E1474872830414.html