”Naming Tatami” to celebrate the birth of a baby


”Naming Tatami” to celebrate the birth of a baby

In Japan, there is a tradition to write the baby’s name down on paper called
when the baby is given a name.

We write down baby’s name and birthday on Japanese paper with fortunate decoration to wish baby’s health.
There are people who keep this Meimeisi in frame as a memorial.

“Naming Tatami”
came out which uses Tatami material in place of paper of “Meimeishi”.

This was developed by Tatami shop in Okinawa in south of Japan.
Igusa, the material of Tatami is also produced in Okinawa and this was one of the idea to make use of and appeal local industry.

It uses natural Igusa so as the year passes, the color will get more zest.
They choose its background and edge to be very gorgeous and fortunate.

People in Tatami industry are making such effort to appeal the goodness of Tatami in today’s society where Japanese people have less chance to familiarize with Tatami.

Source of photo: http://www.miyakomainichi.com/2016/10/93640/