Welfare activity through ”Tatami”


Welfare activity through ”Tatami”

Current lifestyle of Japanese people has Europeanized and there are less Tatami rooms in houses.
There are even houses with no Tatami at all.

So children have less chance to get in touch with Tatami in their daily lives.

However, Tatami is very comfortable to bare feet, to lie down and feel relaxed.
It’s made of natural material and there is no worry of chemical product.

So it’s a perfect flooring for children on which to play with toy, lie down to read, take a nap or spend time with family.

“Fukushima Tatami Industry Association”
in east-north of Japan is donating Tatami to kindergarten/nursery/elementary school for a long time with wish for children to realize the goodness of Tatami.

In facilities where Tatami were donated, a new space of Tatami where children can use for study and play are created.
Also this association offers Tatami-gae in welfare facilities.

Tatami professionals are offering welfare activities through Tatami.
It’s a unique-to-Japan welfare in which Tatami was appreciated in daily life.