Ginzan Onsen Zestful town and Japanese atmosphere


Ginzan Onsen Zestful town and Japanese atmosphere

There are 4 seasons
―spring, summer, autumn and winter―
in Japan and each season has its own scenery and allure.

Now is the season getting colder and colder approaching the real winter.
There are many snowy areas in Japan and you can enjoy beautiful scenery with snow.

“Ginzan Onsen”
in Obanazawa, Yamagata is one of such places.
Ginzan Onsen is where the popular drama
took place and is also said to be the model of
“Spirited Away”
the famous animation of Studio Ghibli.

Its nostalgic town is so beautiful that makes us take a breath of admiration.
In zestful Japanese Ryokan, you can relax in Tatami room where you can enjoy local gourmet such as
“Obanazawa Beef”
and Soba and enjoy Japanese atmosphere.

Ultimate luxury to stretch your feet tired of walking on Tatami and warm your cold body in Onsen and then lay down on Futon on Tatami.

Why don’t you enjoy Japanese
“winter time”
in Ginzan Onsen in Yamagata?

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