Sushi restaurant with the tatami


Sushi restaurant with the tatami

Most of people want to eat sushi when they come to Japan.
And also some of them want to visit tatami room to feel Japan.

Recently, a sushi restaurant that can achieve these 2 wishes opened in Tokyo.
The restaurant named
“Sushi Tsukiuda”
and it opened on September, 2016.

It is located in Nakameguro, near Ebisu or Daikanyama.
It is rare as for a sushi restaurant, there is tatami floored sitting area in it.

You can put off your shoes at the entrance, sit on the tatami, and eat sushi.

This is what Japanese traditional omotenashi style.
Usually most sushi restaurants are with counter seats but “Sushi Tsukiuda” is with tatami area.
This is a difference between this and other restaurants.

“Are foreigners been glad?”
to think this is an importance for them.

This restaurant has just opened, but it has had very good reputations because of these insistence in this space.

When you come to Tokyo, why can’t you enjoy sushi with tatami space?