Winter “Tsuruga-castle” Attractions in Japan with snow


Winter “Tsuruga-castle” Attractions in Japan with snow

There are so many famous castle in Japan.
In this season, castles in snow areas wear snow and show them as white,
so that they can show us more beautiful views.

One of them is
in Aizu-Wakamatsu city, Fukushima.
Aizu-Wakamatsu-castle looks like that a crane rests its wings so that it is called
means crane’s castle.

It has
“red tiles”
applied special medicines to avoid iced and broken.
Its contrast between unique “red tiles” and white snow is awesome.

There is a tea room called
at a garden in Tsurugajou.
Its small Japanese tatami room was built by Shoan, a child of Senno-rikyu who called
“the Saint tea ceremony”.

Enjoying a ground green tea and Japanese sweets with traditional atmosphere is one of a good point.

Walking for 15 minutes from Tsurugajou, there is a Japanese-style garden called

A building on an island pond is called

It is a small Japanese room, the size of 8 tatami mats, but it used for various uses by political authorities at that time.

There is a traditional craft in Aizu called
“Aizu picture candle” .
“Aizu picture candle festival”
is going to be held to light about 15,000 picture candles at all parts of Aizu like Tsurugajou and Oyakuen
from 2017/2/10
to 2017/2/11.

Tsurugajou will be lighted by candles and shown in snowing view.
Why can’t we miss that fantastic view?

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