The hotel that can experience “Japaneseness” in a tatami room


The hotel that can experience “Japaneseness” in a tatami room

In 2020, Tokyo Olympic is going to be held on.
And recently, visitors from abroad to Japan has increased rapidly.

To answer needs of that
“Want to experience Japanese culture and Japaneseness”
hotels in Tokyo metropolitan area has renewed on after another for visitors from abroad.

“Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa”
where is in Shinagawa, Tokyo renewed all guest rooms in 11/1 in 2016.

Visitors from abroad can enjoy Japanese culture during their stay.
Its tatami rooms have renewed as Japanese traditional garden and pure Japanese style inn.

In some of its guest rooms have both a tatami space to be relaxed
and a bed space to sleep well for visitors from abroad.

Staffs wearing kimono are waiting for you at the hotel.
You can enjoy real Japanese traditional meals, Japanese teas,
Japanese confectionaries, sakes, and distilled spirits.

In addition, you can experience sake tasting, origami, dressing the kimono, a
nd flower arrangement.

And there is a
“tea room”
that is a small tatami room for the tea ceremony.

You can experience a real tea ceremony here.
In addition, it collaborate with nearly temples so that you can experience
a Zen meditation called Zazen.

While your staying at a luxury hotel, you can experience real Japanese traditional culture.
When you come to Japan, why can’t you stay at hotel like here?

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