Warm in Winter! The heating tatami is developed.


Warm in Winter! The heating tatami is developed.

During winter season in Japan, it is very cold because of snowing.

During daytime, the temperature in North area is sometimes below zero, and in Tokyo area is about 5~10℃.

The heater, air conditioner, electric carpet, and Kotatsu
(Japanese foot warmer with a quilt over it) are necessary in the room.

The tatami has suited such climate in Japan and life of Japanese since long time ago.
It was made by superimposed thick rice straws and knitted rush grassed before.

So each layers are able to include air that is why it is not so cold and
even it is warm a bit when we step it by barefoot.

Recently, the evolved tatami, called
“heating tatami”
was developed by a company making heaters for Kotatsu.
In the tatami, there is a electric seat.
If you put a switch on, the tatami heats to about 40℃.
When you sit on it, it is very warm and comfortable like a electric carpet.

This same developer is going to sell this
“heating tatami”
to builders and housing brands.
Near the future, ordinary home in Japan may have this
“heating tatami”.

Source of photo: http://response.jp/article/2016/03/14/271528.html