Japanese day-care center with Tatami room


Japanese day-care center with Tatami room

Among Japanese day-care centers, there are ones that have Tatami room.
It’s a traditional familiar style unique to Japan.

Also, Tatami has proper thickness and elasticity so it’s safe for children to play on,
run around or even fell down on.
Walk with bare foot, play with toys all over, lay on the floor, read book, take a nap or eat….

Tatami is literally the perfect flooring for children’s life.

“Suwa Day-Care Center”
in Aichi prefecture, which is in middle part of Japan, has Tatami room
and they changed Tatami surface recently.
Local Tatami Professional Association replaced Tatami surface.

Recently, children have less and less occasion to get in touch with Tatami
because of the Europeanization of life style.
Tatami Professional Association offers Tatami surface change as a volunteer
every year with wish to make more chance for children to get in touch with Tatami
and to realize the goodness of Tatami.

At the same time of surface replacement, they made Tatami coaster with children.
There are many foreign children in this day-care and they said
it was very fun having enjoyed time to know Tatami.

This is how life with Tatami is inherited in Japan.

Source of photo: http://www.tonichi.net/news/index.php?id=55909