Recommended for Foreigners! Rental Tatami space


Recommended for Foreigners! Rental Tatami space

Recently, there are more and more foreigners visiting Japan and wish to
“stay in Tatami room”.

Once you are in Japan, you can spend time in Tatami room in places
like Japanese Ryokan, traditional house or Samurai residence.

However, new choice of
“rental space with Tatami room”
It’s in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
“Rental Space Matsumoto”
opened in September 2016 near the station of Shinbamba in Keikyu Line.

It’s a house built in Meiji period used as Izakaya for a while and then renovated into rental space.
There are 3 Tatami rooms.
There are also kitchen and Wi-Fi.

It can be used for reunion, exhibition for paintings or photos or business meeting.
Rental fee is 1,800 JPY/1h, 10,000 JPY/6h.
The owner of this space says they welcome foreigners.

If you come to Japan on business trip, how about a meeting in Tatami room?

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