Develop the new anti-mold tatami for pets


Develop the new anti-mold tatami for pets

Recently in Japan, there are many people who spends their time at their own tatami rooms;
the living room, bed room, children room, and so on.

People who have pets live at the tatami room with dogs or cats.

But the rush grass tatami from old times in Japan gets molds and ticks if it becomes old.
Molds and ticks are not good for dogs and cats because it becomes a cause of diseases like a skin disease.

So the new material tatami was developed for people who live with dogs and cats at home.
A cushion material compressed cotton was used for a foundation.

The surface is a vinyl chloride sheet that is strong to scratches and darts instead of rush grass.
Antibacterial agent was putted on the surface of this sheet, and deodorizing effects were added.

If there is this new material tatami, pets would stay comfortable even more than people.
The brand developed this tatami is going to sell it to pet shops and veterinary hospitals from now on.

Recently, Japan is a pets-power in the world.
The number of pets is more than the children if we check it in Japan.

The new tatami products are developed for answering to such a social situation.