A guide is “Last Samurai”! Just a little bit different, Kyoto “Japanese charms” discovery tour


A guide is “Last Samurai”! Just a little bit different, Kyoto “Japanese charms” discovery tour

“Joe Okada”
who says
“Last Samurai”
by himself is the Japanese oldest licensed guide lives in Kyoto.

He is
“Samurai style”
that is
“Chonmage (a topknot hairstyle)”
wears hakama (a formal divided skirt)
and carries a katana (Japanese sword) on at the waist.

Mr. Joe holds
“Cool Kyoto Walking Tour”
on every Saturday.
It is an
“strolling tour”
gathering at Kyoto city hall, passing through Kyoto-Gyoen, walking and eating
at a shopping mall, experiencing traditional cultures, and walking 4km slowly for 5 hours.

He speaks fluent in English and witty explanations.
By enjoying
“daily Kyoto”
participants can be full of smiles.
His homey atmosphere, answering to questions cheerfully, is also one of charms.

At Kyoto-Gyoen, you can visit
that is a day limited special open and built the end of Edo period.
10 and 3 tatami mats of 2 tea rooms are remained, and
3 tatami mats of a small tea room is very interested and looked into inside.

There are other goodness points that can be explained things like Tokyonoma (alcove)
and wood materials, how to be used the tatami in the climate of Japan,
too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

And on the tatami, you have to see a beautiful garden!

Livening up the end of tour is held at a historical shrine named
“Shimo Goryo-jinja”.
Joe Okada presents a Samurai show with a real sword!
Joe style is participatory, not only looking!

By walking on your foot, you can feel Kyoto town, traditions, and cultures.
Why can’t you go for special
“Kyoto tourism”
with Samurai?

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