Tatami in a camping car!


Tatami in a camping car!

Shikoku region in western Japan is famous for
“Ohenro (pilgrimage)”.

“Ohenro” is a pilgrimage going after the path of
a high-rank monk in early Heian Period.

People visit 88 shrines and temples in about 2 weeks to 2 months.
There are those who walk the way, who take car or bus etc.

Recently, a camping car specialized for “Ohenro” was announced in car expo.

It’s characteristic is Japanese interior.
Mattress looks like Tatami.
Desk, shelf and store box are all in wood.
There is option of Shoji and Kotatsu.

It’s like a moving Ryokan or Japanese house.
It had quite a lot of echo and it’s used not only for “Ohenro”
but also for daily shopping and travel.

Having Tatami seat in car is really an idea unique to Japanese people who lived with Tatami.
A car with Tatami, don’t you want a ride?

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