Let’s be Samurai! Japanese unique experience


Let’s be Samurai! Japanese unique experience

What would you say if you are asked what is you image of Japan?

Japanese food like Sushi, Tempura, temple, shrine, castle as historical places or
unique culture like Tatami and Futon…

We also often hear word
“Samurai” and “Ninja”.

Japanese national soccer players are called
“Samurai blue”
and baseball players are
“Samurai Japan”.
“Samurai” is a word representing “strength” in and out of Japan.

“Samurai experience”
is popular among foreigners visiting Japan.
There are
“sword-fight class”
for foreigners and is popular being tagged with visiting tour.

Samurai experience starts from actually wearing Kimono and holding sword.
When you stand on Tatami with such figure, it’s like a history drama!

Once you’ve learned the manner and sword-fight move, you are a real Samurai!
You can enjoy experience full of Japanese culture and allure.

“Samurai” goes well with “Tatami” and “Japanese room”.
After your Samurai experience, please select Japanese room to stay and enjoy Japan to its core!!