Tenryuji, the World Heritage Sogenchi Garden seen from Tatami


Tenryuji, the World Heritage Sogenchi Garden seen from Tatami

Tenryuji is a world heritage temple in Arashiyama, Kyoto.
It was built by Shogun Takauji Ashikaga in 1339 and had more than 10 times larger land at that time.

It is famous that in order to get fund, he had
“Tenryuji ship”
made and reopened trade with Gen (current China).

Tenryuji had several fires and reconstruction and was finally set to current figure in 1935.
In 1994, it was registered to world heritage as cultural asset of ancient capital, Kyoto.
There are a number of visitors everyday from within and out of Japan.

The allure of Tenryuji is Sogenchi Garden.
It shows different beauty by season.

The largest building in Tenryuji
has 6 Japanese rooms, 3 in front and 3 in back, and there is Buddha,
which was made in Heian period and is an important cultural property, in central room of 48 Tatami.

Each room has 24 Tatami and from its long balcony, you can enjoy garden.

In “Kohojo” next to it, there are Japanese rooms in 2 lines.
Garden seen from spacious Tatami is a zest.

There are other must-sees such as
on whole ceiling of Hatto.

If you have a chance to visit Kyoto, why don’t you come and feel the breath of the world heritage.

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