Old and new charms at old folk houses Tokyo Ya-Ne-Sen “Ueno sakuragi atari”


Old and new charms at old folk houses Tokyo Ya-Ne-Sen “Ueno sakuragi atari”

means Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi area in Tokyo where have old feeling as a old town in Tokyo.

It isn’t so far from Shinagawa or Tokyo so that easy to access airlines and Shinkansen,
but you can have old feelings of its history and old town because there are various temples and shrines.

Recently this becomes a popular tourism spot as
“those in the know, know”.

In Ya-Ne-Sen,
“Ueno sakuragi atari”
is opened in March, 2015.
It is facilities used old folk housed build about 80 years ago.
There are delicious bakeries, bear halls, unique select shops, and so on.

There are objects on an iron table in the Japanese traditional room.

If you want to go to 2nd floor’s shop, vintage clothes hanged on the window attract you,
you need to take off your shoes and step o the tatami.
Its unique shop is rearranged irregularly in the mood, and many people overstay there
because contrasts between general goods and clothes gotten from China or Europe are interesting.

On the other hand, you can rental
“alley” or “tatami floored room”
if you have a marches or small party.

“Ueno sakuragi atari”
has various charms to see, buy, and use.
Japanese folk houses built of wood and with tatami are renewed,
and they are loved all the visitor from neighborhood to abroad.

Source of photo: http://uenosakuragiatari.jp/archives/photo