The tatami guest house in Okayama named “YUURIN-AN”


The tatami guest house in Okayama named  “YUURIN-AN”

If you travel to Japan, most of you want to visit places to feel Japan.
Recently, visiting local places are popular among visitors from abroad.

For example, there is Okayama Prefecture in the West part of Japan.
It is located on next to Hiroshima.

In Okayama, there is a sight-seeing area called
“beautiful sight area”.
It was prosperity area as a merchant town in Samurai period.
And up to now, this is still popular area to enjoy old rows of houses for tourists from abroad.

Near the Okayama“beautiful sight area”, there is a guest house
that is able to stay at the tatami room named
A 100 years old house renovated as an accommodation.

It is a guest house that you can feel lives of merchants in ancient Japan,
and both Japanese and foreigner visitors communicate across borders around a table
made from 900 years old Japanese horse chestnut.

Its guest rooms are Japanese style that puts futons on the tatami room to sleep.
Kotatsus (Japanese foot warmer) and Mangas are prepared in a guest house,
all visitors sit in a circle on the tatami, and they can enjoy relaxed time like homes in Japan.

If you want to visit local areas in Japan, why can’t you pay attention to Okayama “beautiful seeing area”?
Please enjoy Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) at the tatami guest house.

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