The tatami guest house in Kyoto named “ROUJIYA”


The tatami guest house in Kyoto named  “ROUJIYA”

Kyoto is one of a popular sight seeing area in Japan for visitors from abroad.
It is located in the West part of Japan and 450km from Tokyo.

And it is an old city having a long history that is more than 1,000 years.
Long time ago, it was a capital city in Japan.

These are reasons why there are many old historic sites represented by
“Byodoin Hoh-oh-doh”,
and each buildings are awesome and look beautiful.

So there is popular for visitors from abroad to feel the Japanese spirit.

If you visit Kyoto, why can’t you choose the tatami guest house as your accommodation?
There is tatami floored guest rooms in a guest room located in the central Kyoto named

You can enjoy Japanese relaxing time by putting futon on the tatami to sleep.

A fee of this tatami floored guest room is more than ¥8,000 per a night.
It can be used by 1 to 3 people.
Represented by a world heritage “Nijo-cathle”,
there are a lot of sight seeing spots to enjoy Japanese spirits.

Though it is located on the central Kyoto, you can take a rest in silence and
be given Omotenashi from a female owner.
It’s recommended for solo travel by female.

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