Be comfortable with the “tatami bed”! Let’s stay at an elementary school!!


Be comfortable with the  “tatami bed”! Let’s stay at an elementary school!!

Chiba Prefecture is located on the East side of Tokyo, and 3 sides are surrounded by the sea.

There are rich nature and good access to the metropolitan,
and it is the largest Prefecture in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama area named
“Minami-kanto (South Kanto region)”.

At a tip of the East Chiba, there is a town named
And there is a very unique shopping mall named
“Michi-no-eki (roadside rest area) Hota shougakkou”.

Amazingly, it renovates an abolished elementary school!

At a cafeteria reformed from class rooms and staff rooms, chairs, desks,
and black boards are still being used.
It is popular that you can enjoy good meals from simple and fresh local foods.

A former
changed into a big marche, and you can buy gifts found only in the hometown here.
Furthermore, you can stay at here like an accommodation!

Some rooms like class rooms are offered as a
“learning accommodation”,
and it is able to stay in a reasonable price.

There are large rooms for up to 15 people and private rooms for ups to 4 people.
And at private rooms, the
“tatami beds”
comfortable feeling to sleep, are prepared.

Also these are charms that staying at the elementary school and sleeping on the tatami bed
to feel sleeping and relaxing on the tatami.
Of course there are baths, so don’t worry about it please!

Also many former students visit here with nostalgic.
It is a
the elementary school by a wonderful way.
You want visit here, aren’t you?

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