Discover new merits in the tatami by foreigners


Discover new merits in the tatami by foreigners

Now in Japan, life style is becoming westernized and Japanese who has the tatami room at home is reducing.
But the tatami room is reconsidered because foreigners who visit to Japan are increased.
Foreigners discover new merits in the tatami.

The tatami should be put on the room, but it is much thicker than the carpet or lag.
The traditional tatami is constructed by superimposing
“Tatami facing”
breading the rush grass and the thick core material made of the rice straw.

Between layers include airs so that it’s warm during autumn to winter season,
and on the other hand, it’s cool during spring to summer season.

Furthermore, it’s made of natural rush grass, so the room has young grass scent.
And it has healing effects like forrest bathing in spite of you are in the room.

To tell such charms of the tatami to foreigners, most Japanese accommodations are having the tatami on the guest rooms.

For example, there is
“the Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon”.
It’s located on nearby the Palace moats in Tokyo.

There are guest rooms to look over the Palace  from windows in this hotel,
and numbers of foreigners who want to stay this room are increasing.

In 2020, Tokyo Olympic is going to be held.
Visitors from abroad are coming to Japan at that time.
 When you stay in Japan, why can’t you choose
“the accommodation with tatami guest rooms”?

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