Let’s see the performance on the tatami seat


Let’s see the performance on the tatami seat

Since long time ago, Japanese people have been with the tatami through daily life.
There are tatami rooms at various places in Japan like standard houses, accommodations, and public buildings.

Also some playhouses have the tatami on audience seats.

“Ohshima theater”
located on Kawasaki city in Kanagawa, have the tatami on audience seats.
Furthermore, the tatami has slope so that the seats far away from the stage are made higher and
the seats near the stage are made lower.

So if you sit on a rear seat, your front people won’t disturb you and actually
there are ingenious devices to see the stage like audience seats of concert hall or movie theater.

At this “Ohshima theater”, you can see Taishu Engeki (popular drama), singer’s show, and so on.
Taishu Engeki is the drama for common people by strolling company.

This is a culture started from Edo period, and you can see human-interest drams or sword-fighting plays.

The tatami floored playhouse could feel Japan.
Through this playhouse, why can’t you see how Japanese common people lived in Samurai period?

Source of photo: http://jyunisyoku.exblog.jp/15342365