Mujirushi Ryohin developed the tatami made of the hemp material


Mujirushi Ryohin developed the tatami made of the hemp material

A Japanese brand for household utensils
 “Mujirushi Ryohin”
has fans all over the world.

It sells various household utensils like stationaries, kitchen goods, household goods, clothes, foods, and so on.

Furthermore, recently it’s developing the “tatami”.

Mujirushi Ryohin collaborates with the housing brand, and develops renovation projects for old rental houses.
Through these projects, the
 “hemp tatami”
was developed.

The Japanese traditional tatami is made of rush grass, but this is made of hemp.

This “hemp tatami” uses jute yarn as its material, and it brings unique touches.
Because of the hemp material, it’s smoother than the usual tatami
so that people can enjoy it especially during summer.

It looks cool and modern like a carpet and a rag.
This tatami is more flexible to use because you can’t only sit on it directly but also put chairs on it.

Talking of such the new material tatami, the tatami made of Japanese traditional paper is on sales at tatamiroom.
Combed Japanese traditional paper’s surface by machines is coated by resin,
so it’s achieved waterproof and antifouling performance.

 If you spill drinks or meals on the tatami, you can wipe them by a cloth and it’s easy to remove.
This tatami is very easy to maintain.

If you compare with the rush grass, molds and mites don’t grow on it easily,
so you can use it at ease even at the children’s room, bedroom, and the room for aged.

As shaping ideas to the times, the tatami is developing with life style.
Let’s pay our attentions to the new material tatami.

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