“Hina-matsuri (girls festival)” suits the Japanese room


“Hina-matsuri (girls festival)” suits the Japanese room

In Japan, usually March 3rd is called
“momo-no-sekku (peach fectival)”
and there is a custom to celebrate
that prays for girls’ growth.

History of hina-matsuri has been since Heian period, means more than 1200 years ago.
It was thought peach blossoms could purge noxious vapors by its holy energy.
And it was mixed up with
“Hina-asobi (play with small dolls)”
done by noble children to expel impurities and pray for health.

wasting paper dolls into a river as scapegoats to expel impurities, has been done since this time.
Even this time, it’s done in several areas.

In Edo period, hina dolls have been changed from wasting to decorating type.
This is succeeded into this time and it’s became Hina-maturi, celebrate by decorating hina dolls, and eating Chirashi sushi and hina-arare, and drinking white sake.

When the Japanese room was standard at common houses, there were majestically hina dolls with 5 or 7 stages.
As reducing the Japanese room and the tatami, and increasing apartments,
current houses are difficult to decorate gorgeous hina dolls.

But actually hina-matsuri is suites with Japanese room, tatami, and kimono style.
It’s a beautiful Japanese tradition to celebrate good health and
pray for good growth, and we want to succeed it for future.