Japanese “spring time” by seeing cherry blossoms on the tatami


Japanese  “spring time”  by seeing cherry blossoms on the tatami

There are 4 seasons in Japan, and each season has own nature scene and joyous of it.

Speaking of spring in Japan, it’s cherry blossoms.
It is a Japanese spring tradition that walking under full of lovely cherry blossoms.

More than 1,200 years ago, the capital city transferred from Nara to Kyoto, and
“Hirano Shrine”
has been adored as the
“Shrine of cherry blossoms”.
There are 400 cherry trees and they bloom for long period from the middle of March to the end of April.

If you see and meet
“Sakura-no-Arashi (the storm of cherry blossoms)”
like covering the sky and falling blossoms, you’ll be amazed and see it without words.

On April 10th each year, Ohkasai that is the Jidai Gyoretsu (historic pageants) by 200 people is held.
In this year, it is a highlight that
“Sakura concert”
is going to held in free on weekend from April 1st.

And speaking of cherry blossoms, it’s a necessary attraction that viewing blossoms and
enjoying a party under cherry trees called
“Ohanami (blossoms viewing)”.

At Hirano shrine, there are 4 teahouses called
opening in a season of cherry blossoms only.
Some of them have the tatami floored Japanese room,
and it’s popular to be able to enjoy meals by sitting on it.

If you look up, there are beautiful cherry blossoms.
You can enjoy drinking under the best view and spending
“spring time”
in Japan with comfort on the tatami.

There is spring in Japan.
Why can’t you enjoy it in Kyoto?