Maruoka-jo castle and Eihei-ji temple Cultural experience as Japan to feel nature


Maruoka-jo castle and Eihei-ji temple Cultural experience as Japan to feel nature

Fukui prefecture is located on the Sea of Japan, and there are marvelous views to see
the sea from Echizen-misaki Cape, Tojinbo, and so on.
And there are various historical buildings, full of nature, and hot springs.

There is known as high
“level of well-being”
by people who live there.

A Tenshu-kaku (castle tower) of
“Maruoka-jo castle”
is the oldest in existing, and it’s a quite beautiful scene in cherry blossoms
during the spring.

“Maruoka-jo castle cherry blossoms festival”
held from April 1st to 20th, the best to see is the lighted up Maruoka-jo castle
and a fantastic view that 300 bonboris (Japanese lanterns) lighted cherry blossoms
underneath the moon.
As many as 400 Someiyoshino trees are full in bloom.

“Eihei-ji temple”
is the Daihonzan (head temple) of
“Soto sect”
in Buddhism.
You can have a training experience on an overnight stay at a commanding temple
as the Daihonzan if you apply in advance.

“Hatto (lecture hall of a temple)”
is placed on the highest site, and it’s as large as 380 tatamis.
From this orderly beautiful tatami area, you can enjoy the beautiful view of each season.

There is a Japanese room as large as 150 tatamis at the third floor of a building called
This isn’t only for accommodating many guests, but also for holding sermons or lectures.

There is also a smaller Japanese room as large as 18 tatamis,
so it’s able to stay with small number of people.

Zen meditation and training experiences under the strict and
polite rules will make you feel peaceful with no doubt.

You can feel the nature and experience the culture as Japan.
There are such attractions in Fukui during the spring.