The new sensation tatami suitable with the Western and Asian housings


The new sensation tatami suitable with the Western and Asian housings

Speaking of Japanese housing and building, most of you will think of the
Visitors from abroad often like to spend their relaxing time on the tatami
if they spend their time at the tatami room or stay at there.

Recently, some Japanese tatami brands sell the tatami to abroad
to respond to popularity of it from foreigners.
But the common house in the West and Asia adopts wooden, flooring, and carpets for the floor.

So it’s difficult to change it to the tatami floored room like Japan.
If you want to put and fit the tatami on the room, you need a craftsmanship by a tatami craftsman.

So the
“Okidatami (laid tatami)”
is recommended for people in abroad.
You can choose and put any tatami material panels of 80cm squares on the floor.

It’s very light so that a female can carry and put them like a rag.

The Japanese traditional tatami is made from rush grass material,
but some of this “Okidatami” is made from new material.
For example, it’s hemp material.

Processed jute made in India removes its characteristic smell,
and it gives dry and cool feeling to bare feet as hemp material.

Its texture of a surface is not the traditional tatami style called
“Jun-Nihon-Fu (pure Japanese style)”
so it’s naturally suitable with interior in the West and Asia.

And also the
“Washi-tatami (Japanese paper’s tatami)”
sold by tatamiroom is recommended for people who wants atmosphere of

Washi is a Japanese traditional paper and it’s different texture from the Western paper.
Though it’s paper, its durability is improved for using it as a floor covering.
Its surface is coated with resin, and improved anti fouling, water proof and mildew proof efficiency.

The “Washi-tatami” achieves both enjoying Japanese atmosphere and
matching with life styles in the West and Asia.

If you want to try the tatami at your home, why can’t you try the Washi-tatami?

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