Personal garden “Haradani-en” The world of Japan by cherry blossom all around


Personal garden “Haradani-en” The world of Japan by cherry blossom all around

Ohanami, cherry blossom viewing, is a Japanese spring tradition.
In the season of cherry blossom, most Japanese people worries about its blooming and
the weather, and then enjoys to walk or have a party under the tree to love brilliant blooms
under the light of the sun or the moon.

Speaking of cherry blossom viewing spots, usually the castles, the temples,
and the parks are raised, but a personal garden in Kyoto city called
is the
“noted place of cherry blossom”
among the people who really knows.

It was enjoyed by relatives only at first, but its extraordinary beauty was spread
as a rumor so that finally it’s opened to the public during
“the season of cherry blossom”.

One an interesting thing is that its entrance fee is depended on
“blooming condition in the morning of that day”.

During weekdays, it costs from ¥300 to ¥1,200, and during weekends, it costs from ¥300 to ¥1,500.
If it’s expensive, it’s an evidence that you can see beautiful cherry blossoms.

When you enter there, you’ll be surrounded by
“cherry blossoms’ aquarium”.
Most people are admired by it and can’t say anything.

No drinks and foods are allowed, but lunch boxes are sold and you can eat them
by sitting on a long chair on the thin tatami located on somewhere to view and enjoy full of blossoms.
And also if you book
in there, you can see cherry blossom and enjoy meals on the tatami room.

Most people forget the time by being relaxed and seeing pink cherry blossoms on the tatami.
It’s good to experience the world of cherry blossoms in Japan.