Active tatami craftswomen


Active tatami craftswomen

Recently females are quite active in the world of business and government.

For example, Chancellor Merkel in German, Ms Clinton heated at President election in US,
and also the president of Japan MacDonald are females.

Even in the world of tatami craftsmen in Japan, the number of active females are increased.

The tatami craftsmen have professional skills to produce the tatami,
to take measurements for putting tatamis in the buildings,
to fix several deformations for customers to be comfortable on the tatami room for a long time. and so on.

Japan is praised as
“the country of manufacture”
from all over the world.
Even the world of the tatami needs tatami craftsmen who have professional skills.

In Aomori prefecture, the Northeast region of Japan, a tatami craftswoman
who has a national qualification was born in autumn, 2016.
She is the first female to be
“the First class of certified tatami craftsman”
in Aomori.

In the Northeast region, there is an another female
who is “the First class of certified tatami craftsman”.

When the craftsmen becomes “the First class of certified tatami craftsman”,
they can participate
“National Skills Grand Prix”
that professional craftsmen compete their skills,
and also they can produce the special tatami to use at the temples,
so that their stages as the tatami craftsmen are expanded.

Her next goal is to be certified as
“the contemporary craftswoman”
that distinguished craftswomen elected by the country.
Active tatami craftswomen are expanding in Japan.

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