Walking around Odawara Enjoy the history, cherry blossoms, and Japanese traditions


Walking around Odawara Enjoy the history, cherry blossoms, and Japanese traditions

Odawara castle is designed as a National Historic Site and chosen a
“selection of 100 Japanese cherry blossoms”
as a noted cherry blossoms’ site.

Around 1500A.D., since it was a residence castle of Hojo clan,
who was a Sengoku daimyo (Japanese territorial lord in the Sengoku period),
it had been expanded and developed as a central site to control Kanto area.

In Edo period, Odawara castle was still having important roles as a defense pivot,
but it deserted in 1870.
Now, it is maintained as a
“castle park”.

In the park, there is
“Odawara Castle History Museum Observations”
to describe history of Odawara castle and Hojo clan by models, voices, and movies.

And also there is a service to transform a Samurai, Ninja,
and princess by rending a armor and clothes in a charge for an adult: ¥300.
And it’s achieved popularity.

“Odawara Literature Museum”
located within the walking distance from Odawara castle,
documents about writers related with Odawara are exhibited.

There are noted spots that a Western-style house with a calm appearance,
a garden with beautiful maple, cherry blossoms, and a lawn
“Kazuo Ozaki’s residence for study”
transferred with original materials as possible, and
“Hakushu nursery rhyme Museum”
exhibited documents about a famous Jaoanese poet Hakushu Kitahara.

You can relax and enjoy
“Japanese traditions”
by the tatami, the shoji (paper sliding door), and the Hikido (sliding door)
at Japanese-style buildings, and the world of literature at Japanese rooms.

It’s good to walk calm around Odawara during the season of cherry blossoms.
Another good point is that takes only 35minutes from Tokyo station by Shinkansen!