The nonflammable tatami was developed


The nonflammable tatami was developed

Japanese traditional tatami is made of
“rush grass”.
It’s a plant and easy to be burnt.
If it erupted at home, it might be suddenly spread and went up in flames.

For example, when someone dropped a tobacco with a fire on the tatami, it was being a cause of fire.
And when someone did the ironing on the tatami and carelessly put a hot iron on the tatami,
a burnt mark was remained on the tatami.

Because of these stories,
“DAIKEN Corporation”
a Japanese tatami brand, developed the nonflammable tatami.

It passed a flameproof performances examination directed by the fire services act in Japan.
This tatami isn’t easy to be burnt.
If it’s fired, it’s still difficult to spread.

This nonflammable tatami isn’t only good at home, but also at kindergartens,
nursery schools and institutions for the aged.
If it’s floored at inns and hotels, it would be very good security for us.

Japanese tatami is developing with the times.

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