A fusion of tatamis and furnitures


A fusion of tatamis and furnitures

Japanese tatami brand
“DAIKEN Corporation”
hasn’t done only develop the tatamis, but also challenged developing furnitures including the tatami.

For example, it’s a product that a bench with a tatami on surface.

On September 2016, they exhibited these products of furnitures to an exhibition in Paris France,
and designers in France were very much interested on them.

DAIKYO corporation didn’t suspect it as a tatami brand to use the tatami for furnitures.
But when they exhibited new products to abroad, they realized there was a new needs
“Using to furnitures”.

And a person in charge of the brand said that the tatami material would be spread its needs other than mat.

To answer influences of these exhibitions in France, DAIKYO Corporation is considering to sell these exhibited furnitures in Japan.
They are going to challenge a new category
“Furnitures with the tatami”.

It’s a fusion of tatami materials and furnitures.
Images of new products aren’t only
“ a bench with a tatami on it”
but also
“a bed with tatami mattress”
“a dresser with a tatami material on surface”
and so on.

Japanese people are leaving from the tatami, but there are new needs of the tatami.
Both people in Japan and also around the world will feel and enjoy living with the tatami by new ways.

Source of photo: http://www.decn.co.jp/?p=86055