Japanese museum that exhibits art-objects on the tatami


Japanese museum that exhibits art-objects on the tatami

Japanese people live with the tatami in every situation.
For example, houses, inns, sports, and culture…

Speaking of a relation between “culture” and “the tatami”, Sado (the tea ceremony)
Shodo (Asian calligraphy based on Chinese characters)
Kado (flower arrangement)
are raised because these are done on the tatami room.

Recently, there is a museum that exhibits art-objects on a stage that puts the tatami.
“MOA Museum of Art”
in Shizuoka that re-opened on 5 February 2017 after renovation.

It’s introduced the tatami style mat in an exhibition case at this renovation, and art-objects like
“Kohakubai-zu byobu(the folding screen of red and white plum blossoms)”
a national treasure made by Korin OGATA, are exhibited.

“The tatami style mat”
is a mat processed paper like the tatami.
The rush grass tatami is changed its color by lights, and easy to collect molds and mites
so that art-objects would be influenced by it.
This is why the paper tatami was introduced.

There are a national treasure
a Kakejiku (a hanging scroll)
Togei (a ceramic art)
works on the tatami style mat.
This area is surely enjoyable atmosphere as Japan.
If you have a chance to visit Japan, why can’t you visit this “MOA Museum of Art”?

Source of photo: http://izu-np.co.jp/atami/news/20170204iz2000000003000c.html