A surveyor for a friendship city in abroad Japanese “Mini tatami” to appeal local


A surveyor for a friendship city in abroad Japanese “Mini tatami” to appeal local

This time we’ll talk about Japanese tatami products make contributions to international goodwill.

In Japan, there are some cities that have
“a friendship city”
in abroad.
This is for having cultural exchange and good communication.

For example, it’s between Kyoto and Boston in US.
These are connected as a collage town to remain historical sites.

And also it’s between Osaka and Saint Francisco.
These aim at cultural exchange as
“a city of foods”.

Apart from these, there are
“friendship cities”
throughout Japan, and relationships through industry, culture, and studies are developed.

“Matsubara city”
in Osaka cooperates with Taipei in Taiwan as a friendship town agreement.
This time
“Mini tatami”
is produced
“to impress local by surveyors”.

It is good size to use as a mousepad and flower vase mat.
This small tatami is typically Japanese.

By putting a civic emblem, it appeals
“this is a surveyor from Matsubara city”.

As sending tatami products that can use easily for people in abroad,
it makes them enjoying to be with the tatami.
There is a wish that
“we want you know new charms in the tatami”.

This “Mini tatami” is produced and sold by
a start-up company in Osaka by tatami craftsmen.
Also MONO FIELD sales another model that doesn’t have civic emblem,
and it has 13 different colors.

Japanese tatami products aren’t bought only as the facilities at home,
but also as international relations.

Source of photo: http://www.sankei.com/west/news/170302/wst1703020035-n1.html